Camera Commandos &
Reminiscences of D-Day Normandy


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by Brian O’Regan

From the Preface:

"This short history of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit was researched and written by my father, Brian O’Regan. Brian was a despatch rider with the unit during World War II. His exploits and those of the unit may be seen in my documentary, Shooters.

Brian wrote the account to accompany a museum exhibit about war correspondents for the Museum of the Regiments (Calgary, AB, 1997). This piece was the bedrock upon which I built the story of Shooters. It was to have featured Brian, my brother Philip and I, as we walked along the beach and among the various notable sites where my father saw action with the unit. Brian died before that could happen. ...

The history of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit remains untilled, fertile ground yet. I hope this small pamphlet will lead others to explore the land."

    - James O'Regan

Camera Commandos is a fascinating and needed account of a part of the history of film and photography in Canada that we risked losing. We are much in Brian O'Regan's debt.

    - Patrick Watson

Canadian military photographers and videographers are still out there telling the story of our Armed Forces; this story is about their roots, and it is a proud history.

    - LCol Réjean Duchesneau, Canadian Army

Brian O'Regan's lively account of Canadian combat cameramen during the Second World War adds greatly to our understanding of an under explored aspect of the Canadian wartime experience. Without these brave men willing to practice their profession in dangerously exposed positions, our visual record of these momentous times in Canada's history would be incomplete. Their legacy is our window on the past.

    - Professor Serge Durflinger, Department of History, University of Ottawa