Edsville Credits



A Really Big Production
an Alan Marr Film


Stuart Clow and Kathleen Laskey

Executive Producers
Alan Marr, Stuart Clow, James O'Regan

James O'Regan

Associate Producer
Annie O'Donnell

Supervising Editor
Olaf Relitzki

David Hicks, John Karolidis

Rick Shurman, Mark Hukezalie

Written by
Alan Marr, Stuart Clow, James O'Regan

Director of Photography
Harry Lake

Directed by
Alan Marr



Cast in order of appearance

  1. Paul                        Stuart Clow

  2. Paula                    Kathleen Laskey

  3. Mechanic             Gerry Mendicino

  4. Mechanics            James O'Regan, Pierre Trudel

  5. Store Manager     Peter Van Wart

  6. Stock Boy            Alan Feiman

  7. Scooter Cop         Frank Teunissen

  8. Engineers             Doug Linton, Marvin Karon

  9. Ballerinas              Meredith Marr, Gillian Marr

  10. Boy                        Andrew Marr

  11. Sidesman            Alan Marr

  12. Priest                      James O'Regan

  13. Parishioners         Alan Feiman, Timo Juonolainan, Marvin Karon, Doug
                                 Linton, Marilyn Linton, Joe Matheson, Alan Marr,
                                 Kristi McNeil, Frank Teunissen

  14. Organist               Gerry Mendicino

  15. Hoods                  George Buza, Keith Hillmer, Paul Brown

  16. Waiter                  Ray Landry


  1. Line Producer            Dan Ford

  2. 1st AD                       Martin Lake

  3. Camera Assistant      Martin Julian

  4. Clappers                    Veronique LaHoque & Dean Tartaglia

  5. Script                         Shelagh FitzGerald

  6. Sound Mixer              Doug Stewart

  7. Boom                          Steven LeFave

  8. Costume Designer    Vickey S. Vandepoele

  9. Assistant Wardrobe  Joecy Shepherd-Gilbert

  10. Hair                           Diane Ladyshewsky

  11. Make-up                    Dottie Smith

  12. Props                         Barabra Wallace

  13. Gaffer                        Jack Breeze

  14. Best Boy                   Timo Juonolainan

  15. Key Grip                   Frank Teunissen

  16. 2nd Grip                    Marc Ford

  17. Choreographer          Martha Hicks

  18. Stunt Co-ordinator    Dan Ford

  19. Dummy Wrangler    Marty Lake

  20. Generator                 Wm. F. White

  21. Lighting &
    Grip Equipment        Wm. F. White

  22. Camera Truck          Motion Picture Specialty Services

  23. Music                       Rick Sherman

  24. Sound Transfer        Discovery Productions

  25. Final Mix                 Rick Shurman & Associates

  26. Producer's Assistants    Sean Bryan, Kristi McNeil

  27. Catering                    Tom's Family Restaurant

  28. Negative Cutter        Francont Films

  29. Lab                           Medallion Film and Video

  30. Dailies Transfer       Magnetic North Corporation

  31. Opticals                    Film Opticals of Canada

  32. Titles                        Terry Iles

Many Thanks to:

Boardwalk Pictures Ltd.
Brian Levy
Nadine Berezowski
Malabar Ltd.
The People of Caledon East especially:
Tom, Helen and Susan Grosdanis,
Deirdre Casey-Fiorio,
Emma's Fine Foods,
Helene Burrowes' PetroCanada,
Rev. David Warren and St. James Anglican Church.
Public Works Dept. - Corporation of the Town of Caledon
Public Works Dept. - Region of Peel
Ontario Provincial Police
The Partners Film Company
McWaters Film Company
Solomon Grossberg

Filmed in Caledon East, Ontario

Copyright (c) 1990 by Edsville Film Limited Partnership

Ownership of this Motion Picture is protected by copyright and other applicable laws in Canada, the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this Motion Picture could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.

The events, characters and firms depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual entities or events is purely coincidental.